Friday, 5 December 2008

A day full of uncertainty

well i woke up dis morning totally stoned n got ready to follow mum n sis down to town..cos i knew i was gonna drive mum and aunt to gleneagles medical centre..thinkin dat we could safe petrol, we drove down oni one car.. so happily i wore my so called comfy covered wedges instead of my i-can-walk-all-day long clocks..

after droppin sis, mum told me dat her prof was in town n she'd need d car bak..den i went silent..cos i knew i was gonna have to take public transport to get home..but mum gave a good solution, she suggested i walked ard or go watch a movie n den follow her bak..den, it struck me dat kris had class n wud finish in d msged her ask her if i cud follow her if i went to mv..she said ok..*thumbsup*

den went to have bkfs n fetched aunt and grandma after dat..she wanted to follow cos i dunno wat was her reason..neways..mum said she was gettin very excited over trivial things but she miss out d detail of being over ya..imagine d scene of me driving n have another instructor behind wen there's one in front alredi..yahh..

neways..we reached d dr's clinic quite earli n there were alredi patients waiting..=S waited for quite awhile b4 aunt entered..AWHILE..den had to wait more to get an Xray done..n den wait some more for d Xray to process..n WAIT for them to get another consultation from dr abt d results..oh n WAITED for prescriptions at d there was a whole lot of waiting la huh..until i was bored to my brains..9-2..dats like 5 hours wei..doing ntg but walkin ard..

after dat i decided to walk ard klcc b4 i headed to mv..did some price surveyin on make up stuff..since im fascinated wit d colors n all..especially d limited product from Dior..=/

dun u jus love d colors in dat pallete..?? =)

dis is a limited xmas edition finishing powder..

neways also checked out shoes..d designer shoe by Marciano was daym cun..i wudve paid it straight but i wont have any cash left after dat..hahaha..cos i had exact amount of cash for dat neways, headed to Mv after dat..

main thing i needed to get were lights for my xmas tree cos i know somehow a set wont light up wen i check jus wanted to b prepared..but sadly they used up all d red lights for their i jus bought a box of clear lights..jus in case..n a roll of pretty ribbon only due to low budget..hahha..

after dat was time to see some had d size but d color din suit me..d other din have i tot jus wait for tom..was a bit time constrained bcos i was suppose to meet kris at did a quick check n the sizes din made my way slowly bak to d station wit a few stops into d stores here n there..=p cos i still had time..den i recieve a msg dat kris finished class 45 mins earlier..crap..runnnnn!! yeah n mind u my feet were killin me d..some more speed walkin din help..

so to prevent kris from waitin long, i speed up n headed to her col..sampai there i cudnt get her..i knew her batt or somethin was out..true enuf..n wen she finally came down, i was kinda limping d..hahaha..but had to suck it in pain no gain..

but d worst part was wen she n kitts decided to go to dat point i jus wanted to faint..hahaa..i saw dat coming wen she msged me she wanted to ya..neways we headed to the Gardens/Mv..dis time in a car..hahaha..

went to c if there was size for d shoe i saw earlier in gardens..n there some more..=/

altho it may seem something similar to my sis shoe..
besides d cheetah print, its diff..d strap d heel..d design..
n dis is d oni nice black strap shoe i found so far
dat i like n is in my budget..
im still contemplating on whether to get it or not s i type..=/

after dat we went to find somethin to eat cos the two were hungry..i jus felt more pain n kept thinkin of d shoe all d way much so dat i din have appetite to eat..hahaha..after dat we jus walked ard, finding xmas stuff...jus randomly walkin ard while i try to find a pair of decent slippers..was so close to buyin a crocs ok..they're comfortable..=/ but too expensive..checked thing for gold was too expensive for a pair of end up in radioactive wen i was at d verge of giving up..n found a nice n reasonable priced pair of purple sandals..n thank god d guy was nice enuf to layan n bring me each size one by one..=)

after dat i was a happy lil gal..hehe..

after dat we headed for ice cream..kris reminded me to belanja i offered BR n she wanted was a sign la..seriously..went to BR, i ordered my normal Jamoca Almond Fudge,kris had Peanut Butter something n Kitts Rum Raisin since i said d non fat choc wan is not nice..=p initially i wanted to spend Kitts s well..but somehow d bill came out 39 bucks..i was shocked at first..but he had d bigger note so he paid first n i paid him bak..

oh in between dat whole BR process, i got a msg sayin dat my job next week was cancelled..i was like underbudget..daym..den i thought there goes my shoe or somethin else from my xmas list...sighhh

so neways..s we walked out n tried to take pics of kris wit all 3 cones in her hand..somethin struck me n realised d ice cream was i asked kitts to pass me d receipt..n true enuf..d lady punched an extra we headed bak to d store..n told d she asked her so called supervisor to handle d situation..(caution: vulgarity in use)

i politely told d guy dat d gal punch extra in our he recounted n d bill was oni 29.30 n d fella had d guts to say, makna awak kena bayar RM10 kepada saya dat time i jus felt like smashing d whole cone of ice cream into his bloody shitty lookin face n jus ask for a whole refund ok..first, ur staff is not trained properly to double check d u accuse a customer for ur fucking mistake..n u s a supervisor dun even know wat d fuck ure talkin..clearly he cud see which receipt was d wan given to us n d wan he reprinted..Kitts crumpled it n put it in his pocket so meanin d newly print n crumpled paper could b differentiate..den he kept insisting dat we owed him money..according to kris my face jus turned a whole 180 n dat d guy neways its not dat im calculative for d 10 bucks but its customers right to b charged accordingly..dats wen he finally realised dat it was his mistake, he gave 10 bucks straight..

a lesson to b learnt, dun mess wit a gal who is tired n is in pain..

so after dat we jus slowly enjoyed our ice cream n den continued searchin for kris bro's shirt..ntg met her we decided to head home..n dats how i spent my first day of holiday..hahaha..


darren said...

whoa...ho..ho..ho...don mess with a woman who in pain and tired wey...hahaha..
Well,if i was there i be screaming in front of his face ady wey...some more dare to say like that...haiz...sure kena fired 1...

floriferous said...

he'll prolly get fired wen he cant explain to his upper officers abt re-key-in figures n shortage of cash..hahaha..stupid clown..