Wednesday, 17 December 2008

the embark on nature's beauty

hi all..all week i have been so busy tight up wit practices,shopping, caroling n everything today decided to go on a diff kinda outing instead..visit NATURE..hahaha..

initially it was set for kris to prac on her photography skills wit her DSLR..but it ended up having able to encounter a whole lot more..

so after wrapping presents at manda's..i got home to get ready n headed out wit kris..d plan almost got called off last nite due to some probs..but thank god we manage to calm ourselves down n made d plan wudve been a real waste if we haven did wat we did today..

enuf of crap..

while on d road was contemplating whether to head to Lookout Point first of to MV cos kris needed to get some stuff..but d weather wasnt too we headed to LOP so dat we cud take shots b4 d rain came down..

so on d way up Kris said abt Stef telling her abt waterfall near LOP..s far s i know all d waterfalls near dat area r deeper into d kampung we tried locating waterfall on d way up LOP n found end up taking shots at LOP itself..n so d shooting began..i was kris guinea pig la ahh..cos im so not fit to b called her model..=/ i will let d pics do d talking now..hehe

inhaling the freshair..

wonders abt someone..

so wanted dat sunray thru d trees...=)

decided to try taking my photographer..lolz..ironic ehh..but we do make a good pair..coorperation is important ppl..hehe..

d flyin buddha Kristine..haha..cun lehh..

love d smile on my crazio fren..hehe

n so after climbing up n down d stairs n MORE stairs..we headed to Gasoline to have a drink..was quite dehidrated..hehe..we end up liking each others drink instead of d drink we ordered..d me..

after our drink we act decided to head home instead of goin to MV..but on d way down we saw sign boards headin to waterfalls..n so without hesitation we went on d hunt for d waterfall..coincidentally stef msged us n told us which waterfall she was mentioning..we were on d right track thank god..

it was a long n winding road..n kris cud even go "are we there yet" was quite a distance..not dat near afterall..n after almost 15km of long n winding road..we finally reach there..n boy was it was realli worth d drive n time..d feeling cud beat shopping man..hehe..n so continues d posing n picture taking in not so appropriate outfit..hehe

squeezing the soaked top

tryin to pull off Jaslene's pose in ANTM..=/


Blur but i jus love d shot..

s u can c, kris got a LIL wet..hehe..those rocks r seriously no slip n down u go..hehe..
den we headed home after we had enuf..n funniest thing happened wen kris waved at d guys we saw at d waterfall..n we burst out laughin..even d guys on d bike was laughin..gosh seriously..

we den wanted to take exposure shots on d highway but hack it was cars we moving SLOW..ended up us playin at d playground n taking more pics..wth rite? hehe

d best exposure shot we got..lolz

neways overall it was a WELL SPENT TRIP..besides petrol price wen down another 10cents..may head there more n in more proper outfits eh..hehe..

ps: Kris, I'M ALWAYS HERE..u know wat i mean..*winks* (in a non gay way ok)

lovely memories..=)

more pics can b found at Kris' blog or our facebook albums..
oh n i almost forgot..KRISTINE is d bestest fren i can eva have n an awesome awesome we have a record of 401 pictures taken within 4 hours..beat that..=P

dats all for now folks..


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I dressed like a photographer! hahaha...ugly model, awesome photographer I am. LOL! Thanks for being my guinea pig. LOL!! Good day eh? Let's do it again soon! :D

floriferous said...

yeah..lets go again...weeee