Saturday, 3 January 2009

GO SHAWTY ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! u can c from d's time for someone to turn old again..=/ to some ppl it may b a good thing but to some, not so..

this time ard its my fellow-all-time-crazy fren and partner in crime,some say gay(happy) partner only found in Sg long n no other, celebrates her 20th Birthday today..


she has been dreadin the day she'll turn 20..i dunno y..she even cried thinking dat she's gonna turn 20..its jus a NUMBER kris..u can still remain young at heart wert..aiyo..

so wat made me do a bday post..lets c..

  • Kris is my CLOSEST N BEST FRIEND (aside from church frens n "family"..those in dat category dun feel sad ok)
  • Kris is somehow somewhere somewhat my half sister..y? cos her mum has d same surname s me..=P plus we get from alot of ppl we look like sisters..
  • She drives me crazy literally..her driving can cause ppl to lose their minds..hahaha.. n at times she's jus plain crazy..end up being crazy together at times..still yet to go on our roadtrip..daym it

so crazy even had our same feet bandaged for totally diff reasons
  • She neva fails to b there for me whenever i need her or something happens or to celebrate an occasion or jus a ear to listen to all my problems..n i mean
  • She cracks me up everytime..b it taking d wrong road or asking me for directions from a place she describes no one cud undst..hahaha..
  • She takes good pictures..of its abt me..sorry CHUP CHUP!!
  • She's got my bak in wateva circumstances..from picking up my mums calls or even rushin over to bring me to d clinic..wahh sai..i still rmbr dat..haha
act she jus wans to b taller..hahah
  • She LOVES to eat..n i like food tasting..hehe
  • She is someone i can count on wen things go wrong despite d fact dat she tends to b forgetful or b in her own world..haha
  • However, all in all She is jus a loyal n gorgeous fren..=) *shivers*
there u cant deny d fact..

so ya..i think i jus listed 10 things y im doin a bday post..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!! hope ur prince charming/edward cullen comes ur way..good luck in ur future undertakings..studies n social life..hahah..finally B HAPPY ON UR BIRTHDAY!!


********************after interview**********************

WARNING EMO ALERT!!!maybe not??

so since ive neva realli done a post for anyone..this shall b d real oni..we'll c wat i write..more crap or wat...

ive known kristine for 7 years now and started way bak in form 1..n now we're gettin so old we're forgettin who's Parameswara or wateva history n theories they thought us last time..

ppl who close to me knows i THINK ya..ive been thinkin about wat to write on this post way bak in November?? after my birthday or somethin..s i type im still tryin to recall wat r d things i wanted to put in..some r classified..hahaha..dats y have to think..

she's no wateva man..hack she even hates d word whatever..

Kristine is one hell of a chick la k..she has a darn sporting mum who lets her do wateva she likes but she however dun do wat her mum "encourages" her to do which not many mums allow..but she's still a wildchild aside from d neways thru all d years ive known her, she's d oni fren who can turn my day ard..doin d most randomness things in d minute we may b eating lunch n d next we're out to Genting?? i dunno..its jus our thing to b random other ppl wont undst..

Altho she may b "childish" (she's so gonna kill me) at times but i still salute her for being able tolerate my mood swings..Sorry man if i tortured u..=/ believe it or not she is one tough chick..besides her driving, she has d confidence to stop a crowd..hahaha..speak of metaphors man..she can hold in her emotions n not let it out in front of ppl includin me..but deep down u know its diff..she gives me d courage to keep striving for d things i want..except shoes..haha..
tryin to stand d strong wind up in genting

She is neva selfish..not oni in sharing her things or money, but even her frens n family..i have known d most interesting ppl thru her..sometimes i feel out of place wen she start introducing me to them..but hack..d more d merrier rite??

thru all these years, we have experienced so many things together n they can neva b replaced even by a million bucks..she's jus full of fun,laughter,excitement n surprises at times..frenship like this is jus priceless..n jus b having d thought dat she'll b flyin in a year is aledi haunting like losing d most valueable thing in ur life..prolly neways i shall not make it any emo-er not dat its dat emo..ok i cant think anymore..dang..

so again..

im yet to get ur bday'll come..maybe a thomas sabo charm? after my pay la k..u still got time to gimme hints of wat u wan ok..


may update abt dec 08 wen i have d time...was so bzbzbzbz..

p/s: ill b working in starbucks cheras selatan selected..will b headin for finally gonna have my own income..weeeeeeeeeeee


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I almost teared...but ok la..not bad! hahahaha....damn la..I want my edward cullen as well...:( steph found her edward cullen d...hahahah! oh well..u'll turn 20 too! wait till i turn 21..i might cry more...xD

floriferous said...

almost ni? wait u..i din do d full version i had in mind..cos i had to rush off to interview..jus gimme some time to recollect..dat wan u dun cry u abnormal..ahhaha..

21 u shud b happy cos ull b goin UK..ill cry if u turn 21..gayness but serious..thinkin abt u leavin aso i daym

i wan my edward cullen too..*dreams*

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

you'll cry if i turn 21?? damnn! yau mou!! hahahahaha...i might cry if i get drunk!

anyway thanks for your blog post! :D