Thursday, 15 January 2009


As most of u know ive started workin at far its been great..learnin new stuff n i dun mind workin in dis line for a while..but d sad part is i caught a flu after working jus one day..satpai rite..ive been tryin to figure out wat made me fall sick..but i still dunno which can b d actual reason..weird..i know..

partly i blame for d late nites ive been having..d other reason is overworking myself n not drinking enuf water n too much coffee intake?? hmmmph..but even wen i sleep earli, i have d habit of wakin up in d mid of d nite..for god knows wat reason..eager to c msges?? i dunno..n after dat have dreams dat im not sure i wud wan at dis point of time..where confusion is piling up in my thoughts..dreams i wish would come true because everyone deserves to b happy rite? wat more cud a girl my age ask for..besides more dresses n shoes..some may say i overthink things n taking things too fast..but some things r jus beyond ur control..its not like i asked for jus happens..

i appreciate ur concern but being supportive is no harm rite?? den again ppl see from a diff perspective which is often beta than my perspective cos i tend to wan my way n my way onli..its jus sometimes u wish somethin bad happens so dat somethin good can happen in d future..karma..but i guess in my life bad things jus cant quit from happening..(yes im aware there's other ppl suffering more than me..)

i mean wat happen to being nice n ull b treated / repayed well?? i dun c how me being nice helps..all i get is a whole load of S*** from everyone ard..n they ask how come i have issues with everyone n not how come everyone has issues wit me? seriously..

now it jus seems d other way d B**** n u'll b noticed n get wat they wan n den jus dump ppl like trash..where's d logic in that..for god sake b grateful n not b a B**** ..doesnt mean u get everything u wan means u can treat ppl however d hell u wan..sorry if u cant stand wat happened..all i know u were worse n way more u got no right to b jealous..well at least u got d slight feeling of wat others felt towards u..but IM SO NOT LIKE YOU..MISS YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE..(im not referring to one but a few)..

i jus cant take it anymore d way ppl are these much for being lovebugged now i jus feel frustrated..sheeeshh..

ps: i realli hope u get over her soon so dat u can live ur life n b happy n worry-free from her ridiculously-out-of-control-life..


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

errr...I am just confused right now...will talk to u once my assignment is over..then i can pay attention to what u r actually saying...=/

floriferous said...

hahaha..wat so confusin la..very straight forward act..hahaha