Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Decorations go on

so as i said i'd continue my long weekend..yest was a public holiday so everyone was home n i woke up pretty late cos of 3 late nites in a row..but it doesnt end there..hehe..woke up ard 11 n headed out for branch wit family..came home ard 12+ n i was figuring out wat to do..so since i told myself i'd set up d xmas tree dis week..i made my way to d store room n got d tree,reefs n decos out..havin to decide on where to place d tree dis year and how to put d reef up and rearrangin d sofa's took me awhile..lolz..

once everything was set in place, it was time to put up d lights on d tree..boy i think every year i have problems wit d lights..either not enuf or d bulbs fius or wiring loose..jus got somethin dat gotto do wit lights..neways after almost a couple of hours..i finally got d lights up nicely..arms were hurting aledi..

den while i was startin to put d baubles up, sis came bak wit her prof,Evan(my mums long lost brother cos they somewhat look alike)..hehe..den sis needed some help wit wrapping..n so i had to quickly think of a style to wrap..my sis called it another work of art tho it was jus a simple do..
had a quick dinner..first time eatin so much rice at home =/ den it was bak to d tree..

i wud say i was quite dizzy while decorating it half way..color coordination n balancing of sides which i used to b very particular abt was jus neglected n i jus wanted d tree to b done asap..was jus too tired..n after 8 hours on d tree..dis is d final look of my xmas tree of 2008..

*drum rolls*

do leave comments yea which is d best..=p

neways after a whole day of decorating..i still had dance prac for our dinner next friday..we've decided to dance Danity Kane's Damaged dis year..dance steps from d video are so not easy to follow but we manage to cover a minute plus within an hour plus..hehe..still gotto master d steps cos the beat is quite fast n changing of steps r aso in a split second..so ya..

was suppose to sleepover at the chins but i was realli too tired to stay up any later..had to come home to my bed n crash..=/ so i left ard 11.45..blogged n chat a while den slept dead till abt 9..




Woke up at 10 n saw a msg from godbro..Mr. Nick Seow..he asked to go for bkfs wit him..went to fetch him cos he was too lazy to drive..useless fella..so drove to fan wah restaurant for branch..n after dat went over to oldtown to GOSSIP..can u imagine a guy like him act loves gossipin abt other ppl..*shakes head*..after an hour or so..he said he had to head to the curve..so dropped him bak n i went to kris..lepak her place n read a bit of twilight..got very interested wit d book tat i wanted to go get d book immediately..hehe..so neways..headed to buy some lunch for bro n herself..den came home to finish decorating d hanging reef n stairs..it din take s long cos d lights was up d.
with lights
(din get a clearer shots cos we were runnin out of time)

kris took shots of me puttin deco up n aso took upclose shots of my tree n reef..below are some of d nice wans..

me at work

lil angel among the stars

the angel lookin upon us all..

lil heart shapes *beams*

the deco upclose n detailed

twirling ribbons all ard..
lonely bauble?? =p

so do comment which pic is most suitable for a greeting or postcard..may wanna print out n send out to frens n family..hehe..

after decorating i went to fetch mum n was hopin she'd get me stephanie meyers book series since im very interested in it but instead she told me i shud read more motivational books..=/
oh well..i jus wanna know more abt d story and wat happens..i know its very fairytale like n may not happen real life but i realli wish half the things happen in d book can happen real life lor..sighh..i know im gonna get emo over d story but i love reading it..n its not often i sit down n read..i think its d first time kris saw me reading to intensively..i think dat might jus b my xmas wish..hahaha..*hint hint*

k now im off for dance practice..im late..daym...c u all..gnite..


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...
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§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I think I am rubbing off on you abit...LOL! when you do *beams*?? hahahaha..

oh well...told ya reading is fun! since high school told you..you dowan to listen..tsk! so now will you accompany me more to MPH?? xD I know last time u cannot stay in MPH 1...xD

floriferous said...

yes i can stay in MPH now..lolz..i was in MPH on sunday for almost a whole hour..surprised?? hehe..well now dat i got more time..i guess..

well i think im d type must c d show den if interested read d book..cos i find relating it to d movie is fun..hehe..

im still blur abt d u rubbing off on me..?? s in d way i speak?

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

i knew u sure blur at the rubbing off part...yeaa...you are beginning to speak like me..hahaha!

floriferous said...

if rubbing in i kinda undst la..but rubbing off?? *crickets*

well wen u hang out wit someone too often u sometimes tend to speak like dat person.haha..