Friday, 20 February 2009

The River Flows in ME!!

Yesterday being the 19th of February, I would say is d most WET DAY i've eva experience..ok ppl dun think dirty..wat i mean is it actually involves WATER..ok neways..i woke up in d morning in tears..literally cos i dreamt abt something sad..something so random related to skool..students were bullyin a teacher n after i voiced out i cried bcos of my current situation which i felt in my weird..i know..msged kristine n said my goodbyes n a part of me was worried how was i gonna pull thru d next 3 days wen d 1st alredi started bad..

neways, after dat i woke up to jus get myself some bkfs since i cudnt sleep while eating my bakon sandwich, i turned on Star world, n i saw American Idol was on repeat n Danny bokey was up jus stayed tune..n wen he sang Hero by Mariah Carey, i cried AGAIN..eventho it was my 2nd time watchin yeah..more tears..s they say after cryin u will feel sleepy..true enuf i slept bak n woke up by d sound of d postmen..=\ it was a freakin saman..immediate reaction was to open n check which car..cos both honda's r under mums name..somehow i felt guilty k..cos been driving crazy plus i din wanna waste my 2 years of probation ends dis i tore it open,n guess wat?? I saw MY CAR NO PLATE on d paper..lagi i freaked out..den as i checked d details, it was actually a reminder to my mum..cos she din not clear d saman she got at d market dat was a relief.. PHEWWW..close call..=S so i quickly gum it bak so dat mum wudnt know i opened it..hehe..P&C..

so after dat tried sleepin bak but jus made another sandwich for my "lunch" dis time wit caviar..yumm..sat down n watched more tv to burn time b4 i headed to work..

left hse at 1.20 to collect Kris' tortee's pillow from her hse..YES spoilt tortoise ehh..n after dat it was time for work..reached there in time..not many customers..had time to do coffee tasting n complete my coffee passport..but there was a slight problem,there was water leaking under one of d chillers below d La Marzocco espresso we rolled d chiller out to c wat was wrong..n we thought d coil was not functioning well..n den wen i was entertainin a customer, BRSSSSSSSSSHHHH!!!! sounded like something broke n d next thing u know, water was splashin n spraying under d BAR..yes..n my asst manager was tryin to cover d over pressured water pipe..d water kept gashin way of stopping it..i was still stuck behind d counter..while d others went to grab mop,cloth,newspaper n everythin possible to stop d water from flowing..n mind u d store was quite pack..some customers were still sitting n minding their own business..seriously..

so yea we had to find a quick solution n dat was sweeping d water out thru d side entrance..thank god for our new partner aka my petbro from BTHO2 who was suppose to do his "first impression" b4 he starts his training end up helping us sweeping water out d store..yeah..speak of beginners luck man..he was REALLI took us quite a while to get d place dry n business running..from then we cud oni make blended customers werent realli pleased..d whole Bar n Store was in a mess..jus cudnt get things done wen d main tap is SHUT all helplessly waiting for d plumber to come fix..

at abt 7, Kamil(another partner) tried to fix n BSHHhhhh!!!!!!!!! SECOND EXPLODE!!... dis time all pro n moved water out d same door..n finally d plumber was done in less than 20 mins..=/

i came bak wit bottom soaked jeans n shoes..feet still feel cold till now..=/ i cant imagine those 2 who practically had their shower from that blast things for sure, d floor got a GOOD MOP..neva seen d tiles so clean in my whole 1 month of working..

so there u have ppl, a not so good my heart i thought y din i jus follow kristine to wudve safe me from this BAD DAY..=(

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