Friday, 13 March 2009

Precious Friendship

im suppose to b gettin ready for our Sg Long Youth camp..but i jus cant help but to totally sucks to b in dis state right now..not wen i know everythin is not ok n im leaving it all behind for 3 days..all of this wudnt have come up if i jus kept my stupid mouth shut..not oni did i cause a panic attack, i made my one n oni close fren unhappy..s crazy s we may seem, i hate to see her sad..worse if i cant do shit abt much for honesty is d best policy..i jus din wan anything like "bride wars" to happen in our frenship..except d ending..but wats life without challenge ritee? i tried to keep myself s positive s i can d whole nite till i read her tru feelings on her blog..cos i know she puts her heart n soul into writting a post..i kept thinkin dat dis is blessing in disguise..dat it will strengthen our bonds..cos like i said b4 n no matter wat ppl say, my life without her, it may jus fall apart..dats how much u mean to me KRISTINE THONG MEI CHUIN..n if u din know, im willing to sacrifice my own happiness for d happiness of others..many will say im stupid but sometimes in order to receive, u gotto i hope everythin will b fine on ur side..


The path of life is long and winding,
but this friendship will be never ending
For you my friend a precious jewel
shines in the eye of many whom you dazzle.
Challenges come and go
but whats to come we will never know
I pray to God that one day we will grasp that happiness we both have long been searching for


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

shines in the eyes whom I dazzle? Since when I dazzle? awww....I am good..all good see my blog post isnt really what you think it is. but its kinda what you think it is. xD Dont need to talk abt backing off or pursueing all those jazz long we have fun and still good, its all good. If its to happen it will happen. so...We shall leave it in God's hand eh? No need to worry and ponder about things that are not in our hands. *peace to the middle east man!*

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

eh i just realised your blog sounds quite feel quite gay as well...Zzz...

floriferous said...

i din know wat other words to use at dat time ok.did dat post in merely 5 minutes or ya..i aso dunno wat to think wateva happens happens..

*give peace a chance* LOL