Friday, 20 March 2009


I cant believe the thoughts that are going thru my head at dis moment..the trust dat was broken..the closeness disappearing..the wanting to ask how's things is no longer there..the worry of where you are does not linger..everything seems blaming it on PMS..but wat if its for real?

its sad to think that ive been lied to..
its sad to know im not able to accept d fact..
its sad tat after all i've done,sacrifice n cared was not enough..
the empitiness is jus beyond everything ive been through..
beyond the worst heartbreak
its sad dat im even sad abt it..
its Saddening..

ive placed all my trust knowing ull do the same
ive placed ur happiness ahead of my own
ive placed all ur plans ahead of mine
ive always put you first..

where did i do wrong? wat did i miss? why do i deserve dis? am i not good enuf? why?

"you've taken everyone i cared away from me"
-quote from a hallmark movie-

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