Monday, 13 April 2009

Dead & Gone

s bad s d title sounds..but im jus here to say that ive moved on from d emo state i was in d past few weeks..n ive got myself straight n moving again (tho im lying on my bed most of d time =p)..jus being me seems to b going well..less thinking = less emo..i jus hope i can stay in this happy/positive state for's too short to b emo n sad rite?

like i told myself i'd b fine after holy week (holy thursday,good friday,easter)..sometimes it jus takes time alone to think n restructure the head abit..=p im glad dat i din breakdown during any of the masses..cos i kept thinkin dat i'd breakdown,but i guess enuf is enuf? i quote kristine "reached the quota to cry"..lolz..

also gotto thank my know who u are..for kicking some sense into me n get me back on my feet..=)

now all i needa to do is have fun n blog up funny things in d more emoness..=D *cross fingers*

:: just FLORA ::
life goes on

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