Monday, 30 November 2009

Busy Bee Pt 2 / Bday weekend

FYI d last post was done by Manda my godsis..she realli wanted to win d contest which is a free domain for her blog..boy did she wan it so bad...neways all her effort paid off..she wont 1st prize..*claps claps*.. so stay tune for her new link to b posted.. 2 of d week was more of a hibernating day..but boy the PMS mood kicked in..fred got a pinch of it..lolz..din mean to fred..cos d xmas tree was gonna b up by friday tuesday was jus chillin at home n watchin movies mostly..

den came day was New Moon Premiere day s u saw d post..but during d day, after picking manda from sunway in d aftn, we parked at the Curve n den went to ikea to get tea light candles for mum n to check out xmas ornaments for my tree..price did hike up n there werent d wans i wanted..den we had Meatballs for tea/lunch which eva..met up wit sherie who was workin there n later on wit jonathan..den we walked in the curve to burn time..the deco's dis year was a very angelic concept..totally love it..beat pavilion r some pics..

gives it a very Roman feel to it dun u think??

cant resist but to camwhore wit some little angels ard us..=p

n saw a shorts in mng dat was in a xmas told manda i wanted dat for present..WHEEE..den headed to starbucks for toffee nut frap..sat there n chill till we decided to go bak to ikea to check out things dat we cud get for xmas presents..dun worry im not gonna reveal them..but it was somethin dat we tot cud b personalised..more meaningful..
monkeying on d way bak to cineleisure..

after dat we went to collect our movie tix n headed down to mcd for dinner..n den it was movie time..bumped into Zhao while walkin into our seat..very unexpected i must say..den after movie d few of us went for mamak at Murni's..

came day 4..i had weird dreams n cudnt sleep by 8..woke up n started workin on my xmas tree..redid d lights n added in a set was a non stop process..till 12..after i put up d RED ornaments..den i took a nap..n later on woke up to head down to pavilion to get more red ornaments from Tangs..made use of my 100bucks voucher i won from the blogathon contest..came home n redecorated MOST of the ornaments due to d lack of BALANCE wen u're lack of,i din get to stick to my ALL RED theme cos there were still empty spaces so decided to add some gold n dis was d final tell me watchu think..
yet to take a nicer pic of d tree wit d dslr..

friday came..i was dead..but still i woke up n mopped d hse clean after all d deco's were done..den got ready for practice but it got went for lunch wit parents den came bak n sleep..woke up at abt 5+ n den got ready for shabu shabu session wit Jason Ng n was somewhere in Puchong..after dinner headed for pool at Mines..i manage to play a few good rounds..weeee..happy me..
oh so beautiful sunset on a rainy evening..
jus one of those shots dat allows u to jus dream away..
bak into
shabu shabu..check out d steam coming out from individuals
n i present to u the production after overeating n decided to b creative..

den headed home n morning woke up n got ready for our one day roadtrip to malacca..out of so many ppl i invited..oni fred n manda was able to join me..poor kris was too sick to join..if not it wudve have been a better wan eh guys?? left abt abt 9.30 n reached malacca at 11..traffic wasnt too bad..but traffic in malacca town was alredi building den..manage to find a carpark in front of St Francis Xavier Church..den walked our way to the chicken rice ball shop at d end of jonker..
c how happy he is..yes we were all starving after missing bkfs n lining up..
but manage to stop everyone n took a pic b4

n down came d rain..ran across d road for cendol n borrowed the owners umbrella to head for d 2nd round of cendol(durian cendol) which was d other end of jonker..turn out to b very disappointing..sighh..den went to get some Pineapple Tarts n den headed back to d car..

on the way bak to d car..=p

d guy at d carpark tried to pull a prank on me saying my tyre was flat but was smart enuf to know he was d wan who let d air headed to d nearest petrol kiosk to pump air n den stopped fred at dataran pahlawan to get crepe cake..din know how n wat it tasted waited in d car for them..manage to get a quick nap..n den out we went from malacca..was gettin too congested alredi..on d way we were still hesitating to go PD cos weather din seem too decided to stop at seremban for naan instead..n true enuf it was alredi raining wen we took d PD seremban exit..roamed ard seremban town awhile den went to d Siew Pau factory to get some packed for home..den waited for the Mamak to reopen at 6pm..all of us napped in d car wit d cool air seeping thru d window..wen it was 6 we got down n waited PATIENTLY for d naan to b regrets definitely..

at 7 we headed bak home..n reached fred's hse at 7.30..quite fast i wud say..n i wasnt home, took a quick shower n crashed immediately..was jus too woken up at 12 by a fon call..den got a few bday wishes n slept bak..lolz..

woke up early on sunday to get ready for mass..was quite semangat to dress wore top to toe skin colour..lolz..but for some reason i cant rmbr d readings..=/ bad me..but i know its d 1st week of advent n dat is yea its a sign i shud have more faith??..LOL..went for a light bkfs..n den came home..thinkin i cud sleep but fred called up to go ornament shoppin in kelana jaya..yes..abit d far but its cheaper some stuff there n den went to amcorp s well..hunt d whole mall for snowflakes..n we finally got it at a little corner..n as we were walking out..we saw d heavy rain pouring outside..yeah DAMN..again have to get fred did his 200m sprint to d car n i still got wet even tho it was less than 10 metres..hahaha..fred was literally

came home n took a nap b4 heading out for dinner..went to imbi for fav beef noodle..had a lot of fun talking ard d table..kris s usual cracks up jokes..n mum got d philipino dude to play me a bday song..GOSH embarrassing ok..but it was for a good cause..n first time mum gave money in public ok..cos she dun believe in giving money to ppl who comes to ur table at meals..

neways after dat headed to alexis in jln ampang cos i insisted i wanted the pavlova cake..parents n bro went bak without it was d 4 of us..pavlova was sold settled for the tiramisu wit Cognac..n boy was it good..nom nom nom.. s usual made them put 2 candles on it..n made me blow it..tho i din know wat to wish..lolz..

the best fren

the fantastic 4..chewahh..
too bad my sis doesnt read my blog..haha..

the solitary mic..quite yeng but wasnt allowed to take pic wit it..=(

overall it was a good day..
got 2 handpainted glass bauble from china courtesy of Kristine..
n a present from sister which she say will pass to me later today..
jeng jeng jeng..wonder wat is it..hmmphh
now she got me thinking wat cud it possibly be..LOL

so stay tune..
dats all from the TWENTY YEAR OLD..
gosh dat sounds old..
next event..


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