Thursday, 19 November 2009


so yea..after our final presentation yest, im OFFICIALLY ON HOLIDAY..till feb 23rd..yes we got 3 months holiday..but i guess its a good thing cos dec is always a bz month for me..xmas trees n presents n shopping n carolling..u name it i'll b part of dun b mad k..ill try to make time for u..if u're lucky u may b invited to my hse on xmas..=p depending on how big a crowd we calling..

neways..ive been VERY BUSY the past few wit events n my weekends were full..i aso dunno how i manage but here i am..still standing..lolz..where do i start..


after MIFA, the next day i was at TwentyOne @ Changkat Bukit Bintang attending the Catbit Fashion Show..

Pink coloured vodka Lime..

Ah Yat posing..cant miss dis pic..LOL

and the fashion show beganLove dis dress color..
Ms Stephanie Chua..

Us doin wat we do best..
us trying to b models too..=P

dat same weekend, i was up in Bukit Mertajam n Ipoh for our annual visit to St Anne's, sis participation in The Apostle Play and aso food hunting..=P

The beginning of our journey to the north @ 7am

the constant speed we were at for waking up 2 hours later than planned..

lovely overseas can?my sis looking like ghost after applyin abit too much sunblock..LOL

unique clouds in the sky..
Paul acting wit full expression..n ballerina in d background
Luke in the band..

Sis in the choir and the rest of the crew for the her..she's on d left of d guy in blue in d centre..

wat's for Supper?? LOL
sorry i forgot to take pic of d other food we had..straight gobbled it down..hahaha
good rojak in Bkt Mertajam b4 St Anne's chapel on d left..
Good Chicken rice @ Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice @ Anderson Road, Jalan Raja Musa Aziz.
Good Hor Fun at Jalan Tun Sambathan in old ipoh town..find HSBC its behind..
n good food corner behind St.Michaels church at nite..

i got back on sunday n not prepared to go back to class..cos i was EXHAUSTED..but i manage to drag myself..then on thursday i was invited to the Launching of Dimensions @ The Palace in Sheraton Imperial KL..organized by Astro n Maxis for the new sci-fi series..i was there earli n enjoyed a few cups of TEA at the restaurant while doin my moral essay..yes i know..i was rajin dat day..LOL..den wen everyone arrived, we found out dat the hotel had FREE ACCESS to their PCs..nice ones some more..aihh..wasted my time writing wen i cud type..neways..we went in during a speech of one of d VIP..den they premiered the first episode of Dimension..i wud have to say the production is NOT BAD..

check out the stairs..its 3 floors high..=.=

VIP's n cast of dimensions..

the group that attended the event

at d end of d nite, 2 bloggers won the IPHONE 3GS during lucky draw..sighh..most of us were sad..but oh well..

then on saturday, it was another LONGGGGGGGGG day..woke up at 7.30 to drive mum down to the dentist at menara UOA aka opposite pavilion..lolz..den u know where we headed after dat..PAVILION..n we saw the xmas deco's were up..wheee..n dis year it was FANTASTIC..i think they got realli bad reviews dats y they did something abt it dis year..lolz..their theme dis year was THE ROYAL CHRISTMAS..

the sleigh..wheee
it actually goes all d way up..

even mum likes the decorations..

n so was i.. <3>
outdoor set up..

tryin some angle wit the bloggers at blogathon

me with cheesie

after taking pics, mum was in a shopping mood..YES..she loves pavilion alot..lolz..n wen we went to Forever 21, i found a long dress dat will b my xmas dress dis year..s usual i like a simple n ntg too extravagant..well i am wearin it to i dun realli wanna get any extra jus afraid d color might b too much to handle for some ppl's eyes..LOL..stay tune for xmas pic to c d dress..hehe..n surprisingly, my mum found 2 shirts for herself..yes ive accomplish to make my mum hip n b 21 again!! hahaha..

then we went to lunch @Island a bday treat voucher from Tangs..after we were done eating, we saw ppl crowding at d balcony n u cud hear cars vrooming in the drive way below..n so being me interested wit cars, went out to get a look..n dis is wat i saw..

sweeettttttttttt lovely rides rolling in..

if u c closely, most of their no plates r 8282..i think its a club..

but one most turning off statement i heard while standin by d balcony..
"ohh melayu..akhirnya"
s in, they meant a malay driving a nice wtf..

then we took off n headed to grams place in ampang..n i got my first bday angpau..wheee..
n later in d evening, waited for fred to pick me up to head down to 1U for the Flyniversary

wats a trip without camwhoring in d car

Fred, Jon n I wit our VIP chops..

First up, James Baum

He's hot but he's short..=(

Jules n Prem from

i forgot her name..but she's d winner of One in a Million..
love d background..dun u?
she sang pixie lott's mama do realli well..but crashed miley's 7things
One buck short..BACKSTAGE!!

Faizal Tahir..he tot i was taking someone else..lolz

One buck shot on stage..check out mooky jumping ard..

the stage at night b4 session 2..

how can i not have a jumping shot rite?

the view from VIP tent..ya wat a view rite..i know..

Yuna upclose
she can realli her type of music..

freddie n his fly fm dj's..
they all noe him thru twitter..wth..

manage to get a shot wit caprice b4 he left..=)

Bloggers doin wat they do..lolz..

finally the grand washroom of One World Hotel..

and after a long rainy saturday, sunday was another day out of the 4 stooges..first stop was Zouk for Chic case u din know wat it is, its sort of like a flee market/intro to local designers is our kinda thing to shop..lolz..

The venue

me wit my purchase..the family

at dinner place..Chilli's @ Bangsar Shoppin centre

Attack of the molten chocolate cake..lolz

we were in love wit d full length mirror..lolz..

Now that people..was a summary of my pass 2 weeks..yes..n once i get pictures from groupmate our final art form..ill blog abt it..thats all from me folks..
my ass now hurts for sittin here doin dis post for d past 5 hours..=.=
signing out..


freddiewee said...

flora, erm..tat's jeremy's hand..not jon's. jon came late remember?? n that 1 in a million singer is Sheila... :) great post!!

flora said...

OHHH opppss..sorry jemmers..hahaha..

Bboy Rice said...

yea was about to say what freddie would say.. hahahaahha.. xD

taufulou said...

wat along posting...all in 1..i read and scroll till want to give up d..:p