Monday, 23 November 2009

Busy Bee i said in my previous post, i'd b bz during dis time of d year..its not even dec n i alredi have things to do starting was so tiring dat i cud drop dead asleep for 12 hours straight..yeah..

so starting wit started off pretty relax which was watchin 3 movies bak to bak on my oh-so-missed-couch..lolz..yes i know im a potato couch jus without d nite we had our regular caroling practice..which was not as proper s intended cos lack of voices n less concentration kua..but manage to cover quite a number of songs..after dat mamak session..n finally reached home at 1+..suppose to follow mum to airport at 5am in d morning but i was knocked out..

however i woke up at 8+ to get ready to send mum down to dental..yes its another weekly affair..but im glad cos its near fav mall at d while mum was gettin her root canal done, i went to get movie tix for the Christmas Carol..thinkin it might take a while for mum to b done, i got d 2pm wan..mane tau she finish in half an hour..=.= n den mum said y buy so late..den she said wanted to watch we ended up watchin 2 movies bak to back in u know where i got my addiction to watchin movies from..LOL..but i have to say both movies were worth watchin..especially 2012 for d 2nd time..both are good for self awareness..wat u can do now to help prevent or prolong ur future..

so after dat, we headed back n i was alredi dozzing off..tried sleepin but mums cooking in d kitchen kept me awake..n i knocked out after dinner till d next morning..LOL..i skipped the Music Conference Asia event dat nite..was jus too daym tired..

den sunday morning came..woke up earlier n decided to wash both cars..yeah semangat tetiba..den realise was gonna b late for mass..quickly head for d shower n went to church..was quite awake d whole morning..den went for badminton at 2pm..n had a good my thighs n arms are sore..=.= neways after dat had steamboat for dinner..YUMMMMM..n after cleaning up..hit d sack again..

n woke up earli dis mornin to fetch aunt to hospital for her check up..manage to reach there by a few minutes late..n after dat, headed down to mv to get my xmas tree lights wit fred..deco's were up n we were jus stunned by it..sighh..those stuff aint cheap man..d day i bring bak those fat cheques is d day i get my dream xmas tree...=P den decided to send d car to get its allignment b balancing done..n after dat came home rested n slept for 2 hours flat..LOL..n after dinner, took out d xmas tree n reefs to get d work goin..lights went on n switched on to find out d old lights looked its at d bottom n not in d decided to put it on hold till i get more new lights..=)

dats all for DAY 1 of the last week of November..till tomoro..c ya..

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