Monday, 30 November 2009

Project Alpha A550

Ok as most of you should know by now, Kristine recently lost her A300 in China.Worst part is it wasnt her fault because her brother was holding it and he left it in a cab. Knowing n seeing her emo and sick for the past whole week and the half has been dreadful. Her camera was apart of was her life,her passion and her encouragement to b a professional photographer.. she loved it So much dat if she wud sleep wit it she would..but so she's scared cos she may drop it.

She was my inspiration to start taking pics s well..Anyways, she had a lot of plans on how to celebrate her 21st next year..which is not far away.its on the 4th of January..But with her lost, she doesnt have to mood to do anything now..and the other problem is, she has everything equipt for the big day jus now without a body of the camera parts..

thats my last pic i took of her wit her lover at MIFW..

So we've talked among the few of us, and came up wit d idea to raise fund to replace her camera..yes its not gonna be cheap for d quoted price is abt 3k and it has to b done in less than a month of so..jus want to know, who is willing to chip into d fund and the amount u're willing to give..i know ull b wondering, im not trustworthy enough to keep d money or watso ever, but kristine here is my best friend and i give u my word..ill give u my account no if i have to..

so to those who is willing to help me out, lemme know, we'll have a meeting dat is convenient for everyone..

PS: doesnt matter how much u contribute take it s ur gift to her for her 21st and to get dat smile back on her face..

do pass d word ard..

one of my bday wish dis year wud have to b dis project being a success..

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