Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Post Mortem Digi Music Live Concert i said we were all gungho abt d Autograph session in pavilion dat we went down at we thought we were d oni hardcore ppl, but there r more hardcore ppl..

so neways wen we got there all stoned looking, we got our cd's n poster n got an after concert meet n greet pass, we lined up n waited for AAR to s usual while waiting we camwhored n tried out d right settings for our cameras..
jus cudnt resist a nice shot..=)

n den another good thing happen, Rudy (hitz dj) started asking us questions to give away universal cd's..n i was the first to win..simplest question..wats d frequency for he shouted 3 i raised up n my hands n shouted 92.9..lolz..n i got another 3 cds..=) its oni fair dat i stay loyal to hitz radio station..haha..

s i was telling kris n manda, the band members wil b in Alphards n will come down jus by d side of d road..n true enuf 2 grey Alphards pulled up at the side..n there goes d crowd roaring..

so we lined up to get our posters n cd covers signed..n we were restricted from taking

head got cut off cos curi ambik gambar while gettin poster n cd cover signed..=p
he looks quite yeng..lolz

me n my autographed stuff..yes ignore d stone face..

unfortunately kris came down withuot both of them..n here it all starts to go wrong..common sense, d posters shud move wit d owner..but safe time, they jus pass it n den give it to whoever dats in seriously..kris was obviously went to complain to d crews there n they said they'll call her or something..
emo kris n emo rudy..

den we stood ard to wait for AAR to get bak in d car..time to get papparazzi shots..

n after dat we headed to Nikko Hotel to stalk them..hahaha..we tried to sneak in for d press con but failed miserable..

manage to take pics wit Natalie from hitz..

n on d way down, i saw 3 of AAR members waitin in d lobby..n i rushed down to go take pics wit themm..lolz..

n den we headed off for lunch at Imbi..3 of us had Beef Noodle n kris had Yee Mee..

n after lunch took a slow drive to Bkt Jalil..yes it was 3pm n there was alredi ppl there..n we found out some of them came s early s
these r d ppl who came at 8am..

so confidently thinkin we were VIP passes holders, logically we'll b using d VIP entrance, so we jus lepak ard there..n we asked ard n they had no clue abt it..

n so we were walkin ard aimlessly IN the concert area cos we din give two hoots abt lining up at Public Entrance, until we were told dat it din matter if he had the YELLOW den my fury mode came on after walking back n forth both entrances god knows how many times..started asking ard n tryin to get a clear explanation but no one cud gimme one till abt 4.45..

finally it turned out dat Hitz VIP passes belong in the baricaded area on d left n not on the VIP n MEDIA podium on the i have to state, WHY THE HELL IS THERE TWO DIFF STANDARDS...VIP MEANS VIP LA..IDIOTS DUN GO SKOOL ASO KNOW HOW TO DIFFERENCIATE ASS N ASSHOLE OK..

so being dat time of d month n the excruciating heat, the leader for both entrances got a nice firing from me..tho i know they're doin their work but clearly their organizer which was MARCTENSIA din know how to organize an event s big s dis..there's a saying that goes, if ur head is small, put a small hat..dun put a huge hat dat covers ur eye,hit d wall n embarass urself.
c d baricade area on d left..dats d VIP area for hitz..WTF

in the end we din even go to our so called VIP area cos it was too far from the stage n d angle was realli made me feel like winning 10 VIP passes was jus useless..not oni was d sound system werent dat good, the crowd was jus all in all, ive gotto say its a 2/10 rating..
it was realli a HUGE disappointment..

so much for being happy we'll b in dat VIP area..



§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I want my pics with nike and mike too! :(

they didnt call lor. wtf! >=(

flora said...

ill pass to u tonite k..been bz i aso haven finish editing all d pics..*faints*

Jeremy Choy said...

where's mine??? :D